Tyler Hughes and Nolan Thompsons Pre-Season Raider Wrap Interview

Raider baseball captain Tyler Hughes, and his teammate Nolan Thompson join the Raider Wrap with Evan Loe. In this interview we talk about Nolan and Tyler’s senior year, and their favorite memories. Nolan, who is a four sport varsity athlete, talks about the complications of being a multi sport athlete and the sacrifices that he’s had to make. Tyler Hughes discusses the process behind his commitment to Gustavis Adolphus College, and what lead him to make that decision. The boys also share about all the new things happening on the team as there is a new head coach: Coach Spitzak. With him taking that role they talk about the dynamic on the team. Especially as they graduated a talented senior class last year. We also talk about all the mental demands that baseball has: how baseball is a sport of momentum, and you have to make the most of it when your on a roll, and minimize it when the opponents are.

Tyler Hughes

Nolan Thompson