Senior Homecoming King Nacho Gonzalez and Hockey Superstar Cullen Merritt Join “Meet The Raider”

Nacho Gonzalez made the decision to leave his home country of Spain, and spend his senior year in Northfield. His first task was to find a way to meet people before school started, and this lead him to the cross country team. He immediately caught stride with his new community. In fact he made such an impression that he was voted Homecoming King within his first few months of living here. Cullen Merritt and Nacho became good friends. They both join the studio to recap their cross country season. Cullen also gives insight about his upcoming hockey season while Nacho shares his experience of being a foreign exchange student.

Raider Wrap hosted by Evan Loe
Cullen Merritt Running
Nacho during homecoming
Cullen Merritt playing hockey