Sam Folland Has High Hopes For The 2022 Nordic Ski Team

Nordic Skiing superstar Sam Folland joins Evan Loe in the studio to talk about the 2022 season. The senior captain specializes in endurance sports as he runs Track, Cross Country, and Nordic. However, he prioritizes Nordic Skiing. This summer he has been training hard, and it has payed off so far. He competes in both the high school Nordic team, and unattached in some of the most competitive races in the Midwest. One of them being a series of races in part of The Regional Cup. The fastest highschool and college athletes compete in this series. All of them trying to punch their ticket to the national meet taking place in Alaska. During the 2021 season Sam went undefeated in the conference, and qualified for the state meet. However, he wasn’t able to perform at the state meet the way he would’ve liked. This year he aims to excel at the state competition, and hopefully set himself up well for collegiate skiing in his future.

Last year the Northfield Nordic team placed third at the section meet, missing out on the state meet. The team graduated a heavy varsity senior class last year, but Sam believes that the team can rebuild enough before the section meet. Hopefully having a shot at getting to state this year. The 2022 Nordic team is led by captains Sam Folland and Nathan Amundonson, who both went to state last year. The experienced leadership will boost the front end of the varsity, but the team is looking for underclassmen and rookies to fill out the rest of their roster.

Left (Sam Folland) Right (Evan Loe)