Two Words Band Members Thomas Neuger and Sam Nelson Join the Raider Wrap

After a successful year of Rock and Roll Revival back in 2021, a group of high schoolers took their passions a step further. They started meeting up together, and created their own music. In the Raider Wrap interview guitarist Thomas Neuger and triple threat, singer, guitarist, bass player Sam Nelson share insight about their album. The duo talk about the inspiration behind the songs they wrote, and the process of creating them.

Raider Wrap hosted by Evan Loe and Liz Campbell
Toad Album Cover

Two Words, a band made up of Northfield High Schoolers Thomas Neuger, Sam Nelson, Collin Thomas-Green, Simon McDonald, and Camille Schetnan recently released their debut album: Toad. The album is available to listen online on both Apple Music and Spotify

Spotify Link to Toad